Cat and Dog Surgery in Hudson, NC

Here at Hudson Animal Hospital, we use

state-of-the-art equipment

for every surgical procedure we perform to ensure your pet's safety and comfort throughout their surgery. If you have questions or concerns, you are always welcome to contact us.

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Soft Tissue Pet Surgeries

Our experienced veterinarians at Hudson Animal Hospital can perform various soft tissue surgeries for dogs and cats, including:

Spaying & Neutering

Mass Removal

Laceration (flesh wound) repair

Ocular (eye) Procedures

Emergency Surgery

If your pet needs orthopedic surgery, or our surgeons are unable to perform a specific soft tissue surgery for any reason, we can refer you to a surgical specialist who can help.

Reducing Health and Safety Risks During Surgery

We know that having your pet undergo surgery might raise a number of questions. Will they be in pain after surgery? How long will the procedure take? Will they be safe while under anesthesia? How long is recovery? Rest assured, we go the extra mile to see that each and every patient is as safe and comfortable as possible during and after their surgery.

Every surgery has its risks, which is why we conduct a physical exam before every procedure we perform. We also conduct pre-anesthetic blood work to minimize risks, since the results can detect the presence of various health problems, including anemia, liver disease, and kidney disease. During surgery, your pet receives an intravenous catheter to receive fluids and maintain blood pressure.

Pick-up and Drop-off Protocols

Because anesthesia can make pets nauseous, we ask that you withhold all food after midnight on the day of surgery. We typically require that pets be dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon. We’ll let you know the exact times when you make your appointment.

When you come to pick up your pet after surgery, we’ll give you post-surgical instructions as well as pain medications, which typically should be given for one to two weeks after surgery. If you have any questions or concerns during your pet’s recovery, please give us a call!

cat and dog surgery in hudson nc

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