Cat and Dog Euthanasia in Hudson, NC

Knowing when an animal would benefit the most from a humane euthanasia is never easy

An appointment allows the doctor to see the mental and physical state your pet is in to make the suggestion accurately. Do understand that you are not forced to make any decisions on the spot. For many of us, we need time to think things over, and that’s okay.

We love your pets as much as you do, and euthanasia is never easy. But we’re here to help you make that call and keep the process as calm and easy as possible. Here is what you can expect when the time comes:

Veterinary Hospice

When treatments for your pet are not available or are not an option for your family, you and the medical team can elect to pursue palliative care. Palliative care may include pain management, cognitive support, nutritional supplements, mobility support, and management for incontinence.  Our doctors can work with your pet and your family to create the best plan that will help your pet remain as comfortable as possible.


Our doctors are available to discuss what the best decision is for your pet and your family.  If the best decision for your family is euthanasia, the doctor will explain the process.  We want everyone to be comfortable with the decision that is being made.  This procedure is performed in our hospital and is sometimes the kindest thing we can do for your pet.  Our staff is able to offer a clay or ink paw print and a lock of fur if you would like any of these mementos.

If you are more comfortable with an in-home euthanasia, our staff can refer you to a local veterinary hospice.

Get the best care for your best friend.

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